How Do Travel Agents Make Money?

How do Travel Agents make money?


A travel agent makes money out of fees, affiliating cuts and commission charges from their transactions between them, the customers and the traveling agency – that is the brief explanation. However, to explain even further how Travel agents make money has more factors to it that can entice you to join in the industry and make money out of this occupation as well.

Being A Travel Agent Is Profitable

Being a Travel agent used to be something that is profitable before the 1990s, it was so profitable that they might be billionaires today in comparison to other occupation. However, with the change of time and people having access to information in lighting speed, Travel agents have other means to get customers and income.

Today, Travel agents make money through the means of matching customer’s preference to the service, accommodation, and plans that are available. They seek the clients’ likes and dislikes of what they want to taste at first, then they learn and gather knowledge of where and what might be best suited for the clients.

Travpart Helps You More

Customers can book, schedule and plan their trip on their own, but with a Travel agent helping them, they can do a lot more than what might be written on the sites. Travel agents can get you the same price deal and add some additional perks and compliments to the itinerary the customers might be seeking from their journey and vacation. This is whom Travel agents come in handy, and they will learn the customer’s destination, upgrade their plan and packages, and manage their vacation into a dreamy one. With this trust and commitment built up through customer’s satisfaction, Travel agents often get more from every transaction they get overtime.

As Travel agents create the customer’s itinerary, they get paid, mostly by the time they have used to make the arrangement and management that will consume a lot of resources and time. They could get their money up front before the making of the trip plans or afterward, when it is finished. It is a time consuming and a complicated matter to explain entirely, but it is clear that Travel agents are counselors, planners, and time-laborers that carefully plan their customer’s trip to be the best there is in order to get more money out of it.

Also, the most interesting thing is that as a travel agent, you will be very thankful because travpart can help 90% of your duty as a travel agent like what has been mentioned above. How can that be? It is because travpart is a platform to help a travel agent create their travel packages using the materials provided by the platform, and you can sell it at once from the platform.

The Best Part Of Travel Agents

Travel agents have different sectors according to the condition and customers that they are facing with; Corporate, Leisure, and those who make custom itineraries instead of those who book packages for the customers.

Corporate travel agents make their money out of airline tickets. They would also provide fees to services to accommodate the customer from private or high-class vendors to complete the business trip. Generally, they would make from $26 and up to $44, either from a phone call or online.

Leisure travel agents are the more familiar sight agents that plan for your trip. They are also mostly home-based. They would sell tickets for packages and cruise trips that might come along with it. They would charge the customers with different fees for booking, planning, scheduling and managing their vacation and to get to their destination and back according to the customers’ preference. These Travel agents could make similar income as the corporate travel agents for their service, but it can fluctuate differently if they are making a custom itinerary.

Being a Travel agent might not be the easiest, but with dedication, proficiency and hard work to the cause of getting that raise, travel agents might get more out of what they were promised to get if they have done correctly, and the best part as a travel agent is you get paid while you are traveling.

So, these are how do travel agents make money. They get their money of out the service of making plans, managing the journey and selling clients the trip of their lifetime. Moreover, when they have done this right, their reputation will go around; the more trustworthy a travel agent becomes, the higher the pay and better customers they shall receive.

By Arief Fatkhurozi

how do  travel agents make money

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