The Social Network

The Social Network

There are tons of social network all over the internet with Facebook and Instagram as the most famous ones where eventually they made a movie out of its foundation story. However, Travpart is one of the most unique social network in the world, since it integrates few different services, such as, online matchmaking, connecting you with travel friends, and eventually helping you earning money.

Here are the things surprisingly you can do and take benefits from social networks :

1. Online Matchmaking

Internet users literally were able to find new friends or even dates in a social network app. In fact, there are tons of free dating service app in the world such as Tinder and Bumble are few of those who made it to be the top of the list. There was not few people who actually end up in marriage through dating apps.

However unlike Travpart, dating app does not really empowers its users to get additional benefits such as watching and sharing videos, getting followers, and more. But here in Travpart you would still be able to find your soulmates and even make plans so that your potential date can meet you up.

2. Travel Friends

There are thousands travel app connecting you with travel friends, where eventually the traveler were able to travel with new friends through open trips. But here in Travpart, you can chat, find new friends and eventually buys a tour package with friends.

3. Earning Money

There are many people who can make money easy by taking benefit from a social media platform. Recent trends shows people massively intend to get followers in a social network or a market place such as Amazon to sell their products and deliver it to your house within days. However, it may not be as easy as you would by just creating a tour package in Travpart’s travcust tool since you may no need additional capital as you would in any other social networks or market places.