6 Tips For First Timer Helpful Hints in Bali Indonesia

6 Tips For First Timer Helpful Hints in Bali Indonesia

If you have heard or seen Bali from the internet, your colleagues, or magazines before, I am sure now you are planning to visit this stunning island sooner or later.

But, since this is your first time, you might be thinking:
What should I do first?
What should I prepare?

Well, it’s a common thought for a new traveler or Bali first timer visitors. You might want to avoid failing on your very first trip to Bali Indonesia. You know what, that’s not going to happen if read this article. I am sure that this Bali first timer helpful hints will make your trip to Bali Indonesia full of joy.

Use a Travel Agency

This is the best idea to minimize the risk of failure with your trip. On the other hand, it maximizes the luxury of your journey.
There is a Travpart which provide a lot of exciting travel package for your first time trip. Visit the website, decide your destination, choose the package, make a payment, and Done. It’s all set.
If you need a guide, Travpart offers some professional international and local guide for you during your tour to Bali Indonesia.

Low Season

Low season at Kuta, Bali Indonesia
If you want to save your money, I think you need to start your trip to Bali Indonesia in low season. It starts from February until June or September until November. You can really be enjoying your trip when it is not too crowded, right.

You can also get a cheap ticket in low season, even more than a 50% lower. But In peak season, there will be crowded on the street, higher prices, and crowded attractions. Peak season is not the best option to start a journey for the first time visitor.

Best Driver, Best Trip

It will be better if you can find a friendly taxi driver and not a fake one.
Try to use Grab, Uber, or local Gojek android application to find a real taxi. You don’t have to go out from the Airport to manually searching for a nice taxi driver.
They will give you a bunch of useful information or a great recommendation for your trip around Bali Indonesia.

Get Your Own Plan

 first timer hints in Bali Indonesia

If you wish to make your own adventure to Bali, you should make your own travel plan. Find useful information from the internet, set your budget, prepare your documents, and you are ready to go.
Just stick to plan if you are afraid of something that might happen. But, it will be more fun if you can flexible with your schedule, especially visiting some attraction.

ATM and Cash

Both, you need to prepare both. There will be ATM around every corner in Bali Indonesia. So, you can withdraw some cash.
Avoid exchanging your money at the airport. It has got a really bad rate on the exchange.

Rent a Motorcycle

You can rent a motorcycle with a low price to travel around the island.
Even more, it is a smart choice if you wish to explore every corner of the spots. Using a motorcycle is an excellent choice on spending your days to explore Bali Indonesia.


by Arief Fatkhurozi

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