9 Days 8 Nights – 2 hotels in Bali

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Included Activities:

-4 nights at The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel.
The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel – A Jewel On The Seafront with a link to its Adventurous Past.

Gallery image of this property

Gallery image of this property

Gallery image of this property

With many details related to surfing, yachting, fishing, and seafaring included in the hotel’s decor, meant to convey the luxury and sophistication of a boutique design hotel which is an ideal destination for both business & leisure travelers.

Day 3: Shuttle bus service 10:00 am – 2 Adult Tickets – Seawalker activity

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Travelers are interested in enjoying the famous marine tourism in Indonesia with colorful coral reefs with fish dressing. All the beauty under the sea can be enjoyed when there could be diving or snorkeling. Sea Walker tour packages, adventure tour the streets on the ocean floor has been present in Bali. Marine tourism is very suitable for you.

Day 4. Check-In at The Tijili Benoa Hotel (4 nights Nusa Dua)

A Place Where Happiness Happens.
Located right on the beach of Tanjung Benoa. Tijili Benoa is everything you need with all facilities you need in Bali either watersports, beach bar, gift shop and lounge. The hotel is just 15 minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Ways to move from your hotel to other places:

Ride a motorbike. There is plenty of motorbike rental in Bali with an affordable motorcycle rental price, ranging from IDR 100,00 – IDR 150,000/24 hours usage. Please note, please remember to wear a helmet and get an international driving license.
Get a taxi. Taxi is widely available in the southern part of Bali, and you can get a meter taxi such as Bali Blue Bird Taxi or online taxi.
Get a self-drive car. Getting a self-drive car rental in Bali nowadays quite tricky. However, if you want to get a car rental in Bali with a driver + fuel, it will be easy. You can use Google, and you will see lots of Bali car rental service with a driver on the Google page.


Other recommended places:

Hard Rock Cafe
Rock Bar, Jimbaran Beach
Temples and historic places

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