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An online travel shop is a place where you can buy, creates and sell vacation packages in any forms of journey. Whereas there are numerous type of vacation packages that people usually buys online when they are travelling for holidays. Such as; tour package, wedding package, photography tours, outbound and water activity package, event organizing package, and many more.

If your planning travel to a place you are not familiar with and have a limited budget, it can be the most efficient way to have a local sales agent to plan your journey as they’ll guides and show you the most astonishing places for tourist to visit.

How To Sell Vacation Packages :

Anyone can simply uses a tool called travcust to combine all the travel items and the system will automatically calculates it’s price.

Vacation Packages typically includes the following travel items :

  • Accommodation : Choose which type, levels (1-5 star) and where the accommodation of your journey is.
  • Transportation : Choose which type of the vehicle (12/48 seat bus or a minivan). It typically already includes drivers.
  • Dining : You can choose where the journey rest for lunch time. 
  • Guide / Photographer : Usually a tour guide can becomes a good photographer too.

After you successfully insert all the travel items detail into the journey, you better check the details again in the next page. Then if you’re already ensured all the details you desired are entered correctly, in the next page, you should write the journey according to the global standard tour package. Whereas it typically includes

  • Schedule : There’s a clear set of time rundown, such as where do you plan to go to at Day 1. What would you do at Day 2 and so forth. It is advice to have the the time set to be precised also.
  • Media (videos/pictures) : One media can explain a thousand words. If you want your potential buyers to buy your tour package, you are advice to show the destination of the journey with the best pixel and resolution media whereas the potential traveler can get a picture of the place they’re heading to.
  • Other information : Potential travel buyers loves a very accurate precise detail. Such as to recall what’s included in the journey (example : blanket during the trip) and what’s excluded.

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