Big Secrets Reveal! How Travel Agents Make Money

Big Secrets Reveal! How Travel Agents Make Money

Some people been wondering how to make an extra money or even their main income. Some of them do a business while others take parts in social activity. In business, there are several jobs that people can do and one of it is Travel Agent. Believe it or not, travel agent is a business that make a lot of money. They are a business that will always needed by people. Their business is always full of customers even when the world is getting more modern than before.

Travpart is a place where everyone can be a travel agent, specifically an online travel agent. All you got to do is learn the system and ready to make cash from home. Even at your busy day, you still can autopilot your income from this platform.

So, How Travel Agents make money? In this article we will discuss how travel agents make their money.

1.            They Offers A Package Deal

Every tourist or local that go travel for the first time or go to a new place will be looking for the help of a travel agent. In this case travel agent always offer them a package deal. What is a package deal? The package deal is a package that consists of accommodation, hotel, destination, and food. They have several package deals and they also have various prices for every package. The bigger the package, the price will be more expensive. This package was taken by tourist or locals that doesn’t want to explore the place by themselves or they don’t want to find a difficulties by looking a hotel, accommodation, etc.

That is How Travel Agents make money the most and at Travpart, everyone can be a travel agent.

2.            Tour Guide

For some people tour guide is an important role in their holiday. If we travel to a new places that have a different languages, we will need the help of a tour guide. Some people use tour guide to explain about the history of the place, this kind of tour guide usually can easily find in a historic place such as temple, palace, etc.

3.            Cooperation

Travel Agents always have cooperation with hotels, restaurants, etc. when they decided to work together with a travel agent, they have to share the money with the travel agent. Some travel agent even advertise the hotels and restaurants. This kind of cooperation and advertisement give the travel agent a lot of money.

4.            International Service

Some Travel Agents even have a service to go abroad such as umrah, haji, or just vacation. In this case, International Service get more money because the prices to go abroad is not cheap. Especially when the customers choose a destination such as United States Of America, England, Etc.  In this International Service, travel agents will take care accommodation, destination and hotels. Some of them will take care of the foods but mostly the customers have to take care the food by themselves. For some countries, travel agents will give a bus pass to customers so they don’t have to use extra money to use taxi and bus.

5.            Gift Shop

Travel Agent always put gift shop in their destination route. In this case, travel agent cooperate with  the gift shop, but not every travel agent have a cooperation with gift shop. Sometimes they only suggest the customers or answer the customers question that were looking for a gifts. If the travel agent successfully bring the customers to the gift shop, they will get paid by the gift shop because the travel agent already help the gift shop getting customers.

Those are the 5 biggest secrets of How Travel Agents Make Money. No wonder, there are so many people that willing to join travel agent to do business. They will get so much money from it, and we can say that it is guaranteed that the money will come to our hand. We don’t need to worried if we will still get the money even if we share it.

By Arief Fatkhurozi

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