British Airline Becomes the First Ever Airline to Initiate steps Against Climate Change

The owner of British Airways IAG has told the press that British Airways will become the first carbon free airline by the year 2050. Which means that the airplanes will emit any sort of carbon, making earth a pollution free environment.

As the activists of climate change are pressuring the people in power to take initiatives against climate change, British Airlines have finally taken a huge step and became the very first one to do so.

Although it is a big commitment to make but IAG himself made sure that they are taking all possible steps to make our planet an eco-friendly place to live, where everyone could live a healthy and peaceful life.

IAG also said that for initial steps they will start the “Zero Carbon Emissionproject for domestic flights by the next year, 2020. He further told the media that they would invest in sustainable aviation fuel and replace the older airplanes with more efficient newly launched jets.

While most of the airlines uses cheap fuels and old jets to produce relatively bigger revenue, British Airlines have finally realized its time that they think more of the world than personal gains. In that regards, IAN told the media that they are trying their best to achieve Britain’s goal of achieving a carbon free economy by 2050 and UN’s goal of reducing global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Although aviation only adds to approximately 2% to the global warming each year but we believe that this could be a great and important step for the expulsion of climate change. These billion dollars company might not making as much money as they were but they will become a great example for those doing absolutely nothing against it and also adding to climate change in an adverse manner.

Neil Walsh in an interview said that these initial steps could result in achieving their goals even in a shorter period of time. He added that the Government would have to support these companies by increasing incentives for investment in technology. In this way more companies, other the British Airlines would take further steps to eliminate carbon from their systems.  

He further added that these initial steps could help UN to achieve its goal of increasing world’s temperature to 1.5 degrees, in a shorter period of time.

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