Most Recommended Place in Northern Pakistan

Lush green valleys, sparkling waterfalls, and scenic landscapes- Chitral is a piece of heaven on Earth in all its beauty. Hailed as the land of fairies, the area houses one of the highest mountain ranges, cultures interwoven with mysterious histories and an overall welcoming aura promised to freshen up your soul.

Things to Know Before Travelling to Chitral

Hotel Bookings:

Chitral Town is famous for its amazing hospitality and hotels. You can find all kinds of hotels and all kinds of Places to Visit in Chitral. Ayun Fort Inn, Eagle Nest Guest House, Woods Resort Kalam, Forest Valley Cottages and many more among the top-rated hotels of this place. Rent charges range from the lowest of 2600 to a maximum of 15,000 per day. Before you travel to Chitral, make sure that the hotels offer everything you need. Prefer those who offer free cancellations over the rest as it will save your money in case of emergency cancellations.

Luggage requirements:

Chitral has a fairly cold climate for the locals of plane areas. Winters are extremely cold and the temperature often falls below the minus point. It is recommended to pack a combination of warm and mild-warm clothes on your next tour To Chitral. Trekking shoes, sunglasses, sun-block and first aid kits are among the essential items to carry on Chitral Tourism. It is recommended to keep the luggage quantity as low as possible so as to avoid dragging your stuff around.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Chitral, Pakistan

Chitral is a haven to some of the most scenic landscapes and breathtaking tourist attractions. Its valleys, parks and historic landmarks are nothing short of gems in a king’s crown. Some of the prominent Chitral Beautiful Places are:

Ayun Valley

Situated between Kalaash and Chitral Town, the Ayun valley exhibits a stunning combination of rural values and urban traditions which add to the beauty of Chitral. Whoever goes to Chitral is promised to be awe-struck by the beauty of this serene valley. Spend time sitting at the bank of River Chitral or wander amidst the scenic wilderness, everything is worth taking a detour. The locals of Ayun Valley are unbeatable when it comes to hospitality and cooperativeness.

Tirich Mir

Tirich Mir is undoubtedly one of the very famous mountain peaks in the Hindukush range. The reason is that it is the highest mountain peak in this range. Apart from the Karakoram and Himalayan ranges, Tirich Mir is also the highest mountain range globally and one of the beautiful Places to Visit in Chitral. In clear weather conditions, you can easily view the Tirich Mir mountain range from the window of your hotel in Chitral Town or from the palace of Chitral King.

Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley is possibly the only place in Chitral which has gained the attention of a global tourist range. Owing to its otherworldly landscapes and mysterious traditions, the valley holds a certain strong element of allure in it. The Kafir Valleys of Kalash are very selective to the people they welcome and you will require a permit from political representatives to enter the land. Adorned with seashells and intricate embroidery work, the clothes of Kalash Valley residents are one of a kind. If you are lucky enough, you may get to watch the Kalash Dance.

Chitral Museum

Chitral Museum is a reserve if breathtaking antiques, historical weapons, and memoirs from the past monarchies. The Museum represents a great link between Chitral’s present culture and heritage to its past history. If you want to add to your knowledge, visiting Chitral Museum is a must do.

Shahi Mosque

Built by Shujaul Mulk in 1924 A.D, the Shahi Mosque in Chitral represents a stunning architecture. The place not only exhibits the strong affiliation of Chitral locals with Islam but also shows their cultural creativity.

Polo Ground

If you want to witness the enthusiasm of Chitralis in all its zeal, visiting Polo Ground in Chitral Town is a must do. You can go to watch Polo match an end up listening to local stories by the Chitral people.

04. Best Things to Do in Chitral, Pakistan


Here is a list of Things to Do in Chitral:

· Chitral is a host to countless places for tourists such as Madaklasht, Drosh, Garam Chashma, Ayun, Booni, Birir, Reshun, Bumbur, and Arandu, etc. You can take a day and pick the fastest route to visit the maximum of these places in a single day with the help of a local tour guide.

· Attending Kalash’s Chilimjusht festival is yet another treat for the soul. The festival is celebrated in early May and lasts for four days to welcome the Spring season.

· To experience the true zeal of Chitralis for sports, attend Shandur Polo Festival.

· Attend Jashn-e-Chitral festival to experience the rich culture and multiple entertainment opportunities in Chitral Town

· Shopping at Main Shahi Bazar can get you a handsome set of long coats, Chitrali cap (Khapol), shawls and intricately designed waistcoats

· Trekking across the Tirich Mir Mountains, the Noshaq, Saraghrar, and Istoro Nal can add to the thrill of your stay.

· Visit Chitral National Park to experience biodiversity in all its beauty and might

· You can also take a detour to the famous Shahi Palace in Chitral to treat your eyes with the beautiful sight of Tirich Mir mountain ranges.

05. When Is the Best Time to Go to Chitral, Pakistan?

Chitral has extremely harsh winters in which temperature falls 25 to 40 degrees below the minus scale. Spring and summer season are best to visit Chitral and experience its true glory without any climatic hurdles.

06. Culture of Chitral, Pakistan

Chitral is a land of exciting people and even more exciting Culture of Chitral. The locals never miss a chance to celebrate the smallest of changes- may it be in their private lives or the weather of the place. Some notable festivals include the Shandur Polo Festival, the Kalash Joshi Festival (Chilimjusht Festival), Jashn-e-Chitral, Qaqlasht festival, Boroghol, and Jashn-e-Nauraz. Although these festivals are celebrated at different time clocks all around the year, most of them take place in Spring. Considering their popularity, it is best to make arrangements for attending a certain festival beforehand as it is hard to find a spot when the festivals are near.

07. Final Verdict/ Conclusion

Undoubtedly, Chitral tourism holds vast opportunities for tourism and entertainment for hundreds of visitors every year. The government is improving the tourism opportunities in the area as well. This summer, take your friends and family to the land of fairies and make memories for a lifetime.

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