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Out of hundreds of countries and destination published in travpart, one of our recommended destination is London. You can find the best things to do in London, England by consulting with one of our local travel advisor.

Here are some of the things you must see in London recommended by one of our European trip planner :

Hyde Park
1. Hyde Park
Beside sitting own relaxing and enjoying the view, You can also do rowing and pedal boats.
Camden Lock

2. Camden 
Beside you can do shopping in Camden, you can see some English folk music, pubs, vintage gear and more.

London Eye

3. London Eye
London Eye Pier is easy and commutable most demanding touristic location. You can take a regular riverboat services which stops between Westminster and Greenwich.

Thames Cruise
Things to do in London suggested by one of Travel Advisor

4. Thames Cruise
The cruise drift by passing the Houses of Parliament and The Shard. You may opt for a special delectable five-course meal, along with a delicious beverages.

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English Royal Guard

5. Royal guard
Ever surprised with the undisturbed-able English royal guard ?
For Centuries, these royal guard are associated with Buckingham Palace in Central London to protect all the residence of the British Monarch. Don’t even plan to visit London once in your life time without even try to speak with them. They are definitely one of the things you must see in London.

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Buckingham Palace

6. Buckingham Palace
Last but not least, it is the Buckingham palace. For sure it is the best things to do and see in London since it is one of the most famous building in the world throughout history. It is definitely one of the places to go and that you must see in London!. But unfortunately, it only opens for public between April and September, so don’t forget to contact your Travel Advisor for the best time for you to visit London !.

Westminster Palace

7. Westminster Palace
Westminster Palace is the political hub center of London where the prime minister and all of it’s government resides to work. It is occasionally are open for public, so when you set your foot in, make sure you to go to the parliament square to see the statue of Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill because it’s the one of the things you must see in London! .

Natural History Museum

8. Natural History Museum
London is home to the natural history museum, this museum is famous for it’s Diplodocus skeleton. When you go outside, on the South Kensington road, you will find museums close to each other.

Oxford Street

9. Oxford Street
Oxford Street is famous for it’s busy street which consists of more than 400 shops opened with a daily visitors over 600,000 people per day. We recommends you to go to this street around new year’s eve, because the lights at night is just simply astonishing.

London’s Nightlife

10. London’s Nightlife
There’s always something you could do at London during the night time, such as that free walking tours that you can hop on a night tour bus. The bus will takes you around Big Ben, Westminster Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Soho.

European Trip Planner

If you have a plan traveling to London, rather than planing a journey all by your-self and researching such places on your own, it is easier and you will safe more time to have a European trip planner. The trip advisor whom lives in London may point out which you must see in London and the best things to do in London, England for you.

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