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Cheap Vacations

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If you are planning to stay in another city or another country on a tight budget hotel and/or at a cheap motels for vacations, then we recommends you to book a tour package. The true fact is, with a tour package, a travel agency will be able to negotiate with the hotel to gain a cheaper deal, than if a customer make the reservation with the hotel directly. Unfortunately, most travel agency will take your reservation only if you book a tour package with them.

Furthermore, if you are currently residing in an area or a country that your not familiar with, thus; it is going to be always be in your best interest to find your-self a travel advisor whom can also take your hotel’s reservation along with some other travel advice.

Please check out these cheap vacation packages made by our travel advisor below :

Cheap Travel Destinations

Today with our technology improvement, you can quickly customize your journey to cheap international destinations. We looked at airlines and hotel cost as well as activities that we self experienced to come up for these list of our recommended best and cheap vacation destinations :


Stay away from the main road in china such as Pudong street, Shanghai if you want to buy anything for cheap. But rest assure, almost 90% other part in China is as cheap as $2 for a meal, moreover to visit great wall include the ground transport only cost as low as $40!


If you are a backpacker seeking for nature, we recommends you to visit Banff and Vancouver Island. It has the most astonishing panoramic view throughout the continent. But if you’re looking for Cosmopolitan cities, then your no doubt to go for Toronto or Montreal. Take a bus, for travel from Halifax to Victoria because you can get the price only for $500.


Spain is the best and cheap vacation destination in Europe. Famous for it’s city’s architecture, football team, music, people’s warm hospitality, and food. Take the three hour ride boat from Madrid to Menorca includes beverage, meals, and English tabloid newspaper for less then 100 euros !.

Cheap Tropical Vacations

If you want to go for a cheap island vacations, here are the list :


Thailand is a city of gold because many of their Buddhist temples are made of real gold !. But don’t be deceived by the beauty, because everywhere on the street you can find cheap foods and souvenirs as well as cheap accommodation. For a decent clean and really good quality accommodation will cost lower than $20, moreover; the street food are clean and very cheap which on average will cost less than $2/meal.


Nicaragua is cheap, safe, and small as well as famous for it’s cities like Leon, the volcanoes throughout the country, and tidal wave. Despite it’s beauty beach, it’s also a very good place to surf because the big wave are blown by the Atlantic and pacific ocean. Don’t forget to check out the San Juan river also. The average travel pricing in Nicaragua is less than $30 and the daily meals budget is less than $9.


Bali is most famous for it’s unique culture and tradition that they even have their house being preserved for centuries. We recommends you not to go to Ubud because that is the most unique town in the world. Where you can also find a very good accommodation for as low as $8 includes breakfast with a traditional culture atmosphere. Moreover, even most the temples for tourist attraction are free to enter !.

If you still wants to lower down your travel budget despite all these cheap destination for vacation we’ve recomended, Check out this page !.

cheap vacations
Cheap Vacations

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best cheap vacations
Best Cheap Vacations
Cheap Vacations
Cheap Vacations