Life Changing Moment as Travpart’s Online Travel Agent.

Life Changing Moment as Travpart’s Online Travel Agent.

Nobody knows what will happens tomorrow or today. That’s the exact sentences for Mira’s situation.

Mira is a single mother that has to raise two children all by herself. Divorced with her husband five years ago, and since then her life is always rough. She doesn’t have a job.

She has to get out from her job when she knew she was pregnant, her ex-husband always wanted Mira to stay at home but Mira decline. The first time they knew Mira’s pregnancy, the ex-husband forces her to get out from her job to take care of their child.

Finally, Mira gets out of her job. But life always has it’s up’s and downs. The first down situation started when they decided to divorce. Since then the only custody that she get was for their child, not for hers.

The Struggle Begin.

The second down situation is when she realized she doesn’t have a job and she needs to get a job because if she only waits for the custody, they won’t stay alive. Mira starts to do every job that she can. She washes someone’s clothes, cleans their house, cooks for them, more like a maid. But another problem comes when she can’t look at their child as often as before she works.

She tries to find a job that can let her see and take care of her child while also do her work. Her friend suggests her works in a nursery home, and she tried it. Another problem comes when she works in a nursery home. She got fired because she brings her kids and instead of taking care of the people in that nursery home she takes care of her own child.

We can say that even if we don’t trust magic, sometimes magical things happen.

The Life Changing Moment

On Sunday morning she was scrolling through Instagram when some of her friends advertised a travel agency. It called Travpart’s Online Travel Agent. She contacts her friend and tries to ask how does Travpart’s Online Travel Agent work? Her friend explains briefly to her, and she feels that this job is suitable for her.

She can take care of her child while also do the job since it can be done online. She starts to join Travpart’s Online Travel Agent. Since then, her life is changing drastically. She has a stable income, and she can take care of her children.

Her life was saved when she starts to work in Travpart Travel Agent. She also has a lot of connection because she met a lot of people. Her life is now full of happiness between her and her child. Travpart Travel Agent does play a big part in changing her life and help her to get back to her feet.

So if you are still thinking about joining Travpart’s Online Travel Agent, you have to be sure and make the decision now, because Mira starts with that. She believes and make the decision and now her life change for forever.

Join Travpart’s Online Travel Agent and be a part of the change!

By Arief Fatkhurozi

Travpart's online travel agent