best things to do in paris

Best Things to do in Paris

Best Things to do in Paris
If you’re planning to go to Paris, there are certainly several top things to do in Paris that you wouldn’t want to miss out. Here are the recommended place to visit in Paris which you might want to include during your itinerary planning and calculating the cost of your Paris trip.
The Louvre
  1. The Louvre
    It is the largest museum in the world known for it’s famous palace. Depends on the time, the entrance fee for the place is ranging from 0-17 euro. It is worth of the price, because within inside, you may find Apartments of Napoleon III which decorated with classical – renaissance gold and silver.
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Indulge at Angelina

2. Indulge at Angelina
Just across the street of Louvre, you will find most favorite beverages & cuisine in France. Wine, cheesy onion and garlic bread is the most locals favorite dish. It might looks fancy, but you get a cup of chocolate, croissant, and raisins pastry for as low as $27.

Theatre in Paris

3. Theater in Paris
Paris is very famous for it’s local anti-English speaking, We know the locals wouldn’t like it if you initiate to speaks English with them. But don’t worry, there’s a famous theater in the heart of France where every thing is spoken in English, such as English comedian, concert, and more. The entrance to this place is starting as low as 19 euro !.

Moulin Rouge

4. Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge is famous for it’s evening cabaret. The place has great and beautiful can-can dancers which starts at 19:00. The entrance ticket starts from 97 euro.

Palace of Versailles

5. Palace of Versailles
It is the famous royal residence of France, started under Louis XIV since the late 17th century. You can visit this place for all day for only 8,50 euro.

Arc de Triomphe

6. Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe is famous for the memorial tomb to honor those whom died during the Napoleonic and revolutionary war. Beneath the monument liest tomb for the soldiers who died for WW1. The entrace ticket to the monumen is as low as 12 euro.

8. Eiffel Tower
Of course, last but not least. The most famous place to be that you must see. The city at noon is as beautiful as night, however; our travel advisor advice you to go at noon because you can take skip the line group tour cost for 34 euros.

Recently Paris is well known for it’s high crime rate, political disturbance, migration issues, climate changes, etc. Moreover, Paris is known to be one of the most expensive place to stay for a long time. So if your on a tight budget, don’t worry, you are highly recommended to gain some travel tips and advice or ask a travel advisor to customize and calculate the cost of your trip to Paris for you !.

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