Travel the World for Free

Travel the World for Free

The unaffordable travel expenditure has been the most common problem among travelers. Travpart has found the solution to get rid of your travel cost in exchange with travelling with your followers/subscribers. If you’re an Influencer/Vlogger/blogger whom has a lot of fans/viewers, you have the ability to solve your travel cost problem.

Here’s how to travel the world for free:

1. Register as a service provider in Travpart.

2. After you’ve activated your account, login to Travcust page.

3. Insert all your follower’s travel expenditures, such as hotel, convertible, dining, etc.

4. Insert your influencer’s fee (which shall includes all your travel expenditures at this point),

5. Write down the run down of your trip’s itinerary and publish.

6. Share, endorse and sell your tour package page in your Instagram’s page.

Last but not least, you must travel with your followers !
Because they really want to meet you!
See you there !