Lita: Work at Home Student as an Online Travel Agent at Travpart

Lita: Work at Home Student as an Online Travel Agent at Travpart

This is a story about a college girl that has to work during her college year and finally decided to become a work at home student at Travpart.

She is Lita. She was born from a rich family, but a piece of bad news just hit her. Her family’s company nearly came to bankrupt. Her parents decided to tell her that they needed to save money for living while trying to put the company’s back on its feet.

First Job Seems Rough

She knew at that time she needed to did something with her college. She did not want to make her parents felt too heavy with her tuition. Since she was born from a rich family, it was fairly enough to say that she never had a job.

This was her first experience to actually had a job. She applied to become a cashier in a coffee shop. She got accepted, and she worked from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. after a while she decided to resign from the coffee shop. She did not feel comfortable because the boss was too rough for her.

She often replaces her friends because the boss told her to did that yet she did not get the paid that she had to get. And there was one day when the boss decided to rant on her because the coffee shop was running out of money and the boss decided to point a finger on Lita because she was the cashier. At the end of the day, the money was already inside the coffee shop bank account, but the boss forgot about it.

After the resignation, Lita tried to found another job, but it did not go as what she planned. She got rejected because of her lack of experiences.

Once, she decided to work in a bakery because she loved to bake a cake, but unfortunately, the bakery did not let her to showed her creativity. So she could only follow the rule and bake a basic cake. Once again, she decided to resign.

Quit Offline, Start Online

One day, she told her friend about what she has been through, and her friends suggest her to become a work at home student as an Online Travel Agent at Travpart. Her friend recognized her talent at writing and traveling, so she suggests Lita apply as an Online Travel Agent and promote his packages by creating engaging content in her blog.

She never knew how Online Travel Agent works but she decided to took a chance. The working hour is so flexible so she could still study and did other activities. She can write about interesting attractions while selling her tour packages in her articles. Moreover, she got an income that she thought was suitable for her work.

The result? She could help her parents to pay her tuition by pay the half of it. She could buy something that she needed that related to college with her own money. She also saves some of it.

Lita already proved it as a work at home student becoming an Online Travel Agent at Travpart. Even a college student can get a stable income from Travpart. So, what are you waiting for? Join Travpart Travel Agent and prove it by yourself!

By Arief Fatkhurozi

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