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Since technology becoming more widespread, people are easily get connected to each other. Merely by using a smartphone, Laptop, or other gadgets which are connected to the internet. Not only to conduct an everyday conversation but also as a mean of a job.

The high number of people are intent to work from home since the internet becoming more and more accessible from urban to a rural area. Ability to control working hours is the main reason why in this millennial era, people prefer not to attend 9 to 5 jobs as it happens to generations before. And to meet this millennial job seeker need, many sectors offer work from home opportunities, such as travel or hospitality, sales, computer, IT, design, and loads more.


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One of the travel company that offers such an interesting kind of job is Travpart. Travpart is a company that sells tour packages. The packages itself is a combination of several travels items such as meals, resorts, accommodation, vehicles, and leisure activities. Travpart allows you to work from home just by selling its tour packages from the website.

As you can see, when you are applying to a job conventionally, you’ll meet those creepy preparations from A to Z. While if you start to work from home by joining Travpart, you just simply sign up for free then you can start making money online from your gadgets, from your home. Travpart platform spoiled you with plethora tools just to make you easier to get your first online cash.


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One of the excellent tools to let you customize your travel packages is Travcust. You can boost up your earning by utilizing this tool to create your own tour packages and sell it directly from the website. Combine your exciting tourist destinations, delicious meals, five-star accommodation as your first-class tour packages with Travcust.


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Once you put your best tour packages on the shelves, get ready to be contacted by your customer. Travchat is the tool that lets you communicate with the potential customers before they are making a purchase. Travchat is a safety gate for customers to interact with travel agents.

Since work from home altering into a big mainstream mode of working, it brings a new culture on how people work and shaping remote work as a promising way to make money online for everyone.

by Arief Fatkhurozi

work from home

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