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We all like to take a trip and would not it be good if we could create some earnings throughout our preferred activity? You require an eye for information as you take a trip and a memory to keep in mind those intriguing bits and you require creativity to inform your story in an engaging method. Here are a couple of suggestions for ending up being an effective freelance travel writer. Effective travel authors utilize words to impress the senses. An effective freelance travel agent finds brand-new methods for informing a story. The last part for the freelance travel author is to offer fantastic posts.

Go and travel yourself by strolling in the shoes of a visitor

Experience each location with other tourists and see the chatter, the state of mind, the method they check out, how they pick where they remain and any other little info that you can obtain. Remain at a range to various locations and select different designs and kinds of experiences. Find out a little of the language so that you can connect much better with the regional individuals.

Effective travel authors utilize words to charm the senses; however, terrific authors inform their story rapidly

Effective freelance travel authors find brand-new methods for informing a story. Look for brand-new and much better methods to explain the location.

Research study completely your subject and watch documentaries, motion pictures, and online videos to learn more. Sales brochures, manuals, and maps likewise offer important info throughout the research study.

Discover brand-new locations

Nowadays, lots of tourists are looking for the most current and biggest travel location. Individuals like to find special locations “very first”.

The last part for the freelance travel author is to offer incredible posts. Papers will likewise purchase excellent travel posts.

People search for the services of hiring travel writers when they need help in improving or writing content for their websites or blogs.

The very best freelance authors generally compose on any subject their customers demand, no matter how technical, comprehensive or passionate they are. There are freelance authors for hire who excel in numerous languages in order to equate material into a language that the customer requires.

Great freelancers are likewise able to fulfill the customer’s due date due to the fact that they take their work seriously and appreciate according to the customer’s desires. Their customers likewise rely on their abilities and think that they will do extraordinary work due to the fact of their professionalism.

Some of them work as full-time authors while others work part-time depending on their schedule. There are freelance authors for hire who compose on particular subjects depending on their customers’ specifications. These authors select subjects in which they are well-informed.

Papers and publication owners work with freelance authors as writers whose work is to comment and compose on the present patterns in the nation and the market. Their work consists of discussing an observation or a subject of interest weekly or monthly depending upon the task. There are freelance authors who are employed as copy authors in order to market items of a company and guarantee that there is consistent traffic on the site.

Company executives and supervisors work with freelancers to compose for their publications and upgrade their sites about better and brand-new items. Due to the fact that the stiff competitors and marketing in the service world, these freelancers are typically certified and qualified in service and discuss the services and items of the company.

It is exciting to get work released. Nowadays, lots of job opportunities available for freelance content writers. Search for “freelance travel writing jobs” online and get yourself paid for your passion. Lots of travel agencies are hiring online.

Online Jobs

Online Jobs

Travpart is a marketplace where you can buy and/or sell vacation packagein any forms of journey. Such as; tour package, wedding package, photography tours, outbound and water activity package, event organizing package, and many more.

Travpart.com offers you an online jobs from home as an online travel agent. The platform is highly suitable especially for the people whom are familiar with freelance jobs. Travpart offers a good alternative for you to earn money online by simply creating a tour package herein.

How to Earn Money Online :

To start earning money online, you must register as a seller AND creates a tour package. Travpart offers you a limited promotion for the first 1000 people to register AND creates a tour package to earn $5 commission per tour package. So you could simply earn up to $500 if you creates a tour package. When someone buys your tour package, you may even get much more commission as much as more than $5000 easy.

This is a very rare opportunity that no other company offers such an exciting online jobs from home. We also provide a wining contest, for anyone who could generates the most viral tour package will get $1,000 reward by the end of the year !.

online jobs from home

Anyone, especially those who likes freelance jobs, can simply uses a tool called travcust to earn money online by combining all the travel items and the system will automatically calculates it’s price.

These are the easy steps on how to creates a tour package :

Register your self as a sales agent and activate your account in your email. Then Login to your profile page and click travcust

Start inserting your travel items in travcust. You are advice to create a tour package based on the most famous and tourist dense place your familiar with.
Vacation Packages typically includes the following travel items :

  • Accommodation : Choose which type, levels (4-5 star) and where the accommodation of your journey is.
  • Transportation : Choose which type of the vehicle (12/48 seat bus or a minivan). It typically already includes drivers.
  • Dining : You can choose where the journey rest for lunch time. 
  • Guide / Photographer : Usually a tour guide can becomes a good photographer too.
earn money online

After you successfully insert all the travel items detail into the journey, you better check the details again in the next page [tour-details page]. Then if you’re already ensured all the details you desired are entered correctly, in the tour-details page, You shall proceed to next page.

work from home without investment

This is the newpost page, herein; You should write the journey according to the global standard tour package Whereas it’s typically includes.

  • Schedule : There’s a clear set of time rundown, such as where do you plan to go to at Day 1. What would you do at Day 2 and so forth. It is advice to have the the time set to be precised also.
  • Media (videos/pictures) : One media can explain a thousand words. If you want your potential buyers to buy your tour package, you are advice to show the destination of the journey with the best pixel and resolution media whereas the potential traveler can get a picture of the place they’re heading to.
  • Other information : Potential travel buyers loves a very accurate precise detail. Such as to recall what’s included in the journey (example : blanket during the trip) and what’s excluded.

Please note that, after you submit your tours, our dedicated team will need some times to review your tour package. It will be verified and published only if we see it’s written in a standard tour package. Moreo

freelance jobs

If you have any question, please contact us at [email protected]

Travel Agent Jobs From Home


Work From Home Travel Agent Jobs

Travpart offers an online travel agent jobs from home opportunity to any motivated individuals; whereas you can work remotely and this is the only platform in the world that offers an online travel agent jobs from home. There is no other significant platform that empowers and enables you to work from home as a travel agent like this platform had to offer, because we equip you with travel tools, such as travcust, which empowers you to easily pick and calculate the tour package price.

Freelance Travel Agent

This job opportunity is becoming more and more demanding especially for anyone who’s on occasion does freelance travel writing jobs as they became a professional freelance travel agents as you are taking the online travel agent jobs herein, you are offered a lifelong free software such as travcust for you. This is your chance for you to obtain the most exclusive travel business opportunity that no any other travel company is going to give you.

Work From Home Travel Agent Jobs

Travel Agent Jobs From Home

You don’t need to invest nor buy anything since we are motivated to empowers your earning ability. These are the steps for you to be able to take the travel agent jobs from home offer :

1. Register as a sales agent (seller) in travpart.com and you can make your username to be your own brand.
2. At profile page, settlement tab, choose your most preferable receiving commission payment alternative.
3. At profile page, click travcust to create a tour package. If you are not familiar with a tour package, please read this post.
4. Creates a tour package according to our standard guideline. We advice to promote the most highly demanding tourist destination that your familiar with such as Paris, Las vegas, Bali, etc or promote based on the locations your living in or your most familiar with.

Home Based Travel Agent Jobs

You can creates as many tour packages as you’d like to gain our customers impression because as your serving the customer’s needs you just made your self to be a home based travel agent.

We’ll pay $5 per tour package creation/customization. Once some ones buys your tour package, We’ll give out 80% commission-able of each sales gross profit. 
For example :
1. We’ll pay $5 just to get started creating tour package
2. You create 2 tour package -> you get paid $10
3. Someone’s buys your tour package -> 
Your tour package costed $10,000 (calculated by our system) and the local vendor costed $8,000. Hence you will earns commissionable amounted: $2000 x 80% = $1600.

You will get to speak to the local vendor directly.

online travel agent jobs, travel agent jobs from home,
Standard Operational Procedure

TripAdvisor Business

If you have any listing in ‘tripadvisor business’ website, it is recommended that you create tours in this website as well as upload screenshot of your reviews and ratings in ‘tripadvisor business‘ website into your itinerary to bring more reluctant trust and recomendation to your audience. Since we offers you travcust, thus; you can globally expand your business further than what you just currently locally doing !.

TripAdvisor Business
TripAdvisor Business

Freelance Travel Writing Jobs

It is very similar compared to making an online blog and what most freelancers platform offer, such as freelance travel writing jobs, whereas we offers you the ability to write blogs, ideas, and travel tips in your tour package. If you have any experience in taking freelance travel writing jobs, hence; you have an advantage since you can do SEO optimize content in your itinerary to enable you to gain the maximum web visitor’s exposures


We offer $5/tour package limited promotion offer. You can creates up to 10 or more tour package per month. So don’t judge creating the tour package takes time and get paid only $5. Because it’s like you-tube, as it takes time for you to create a video but you will get paid once some one saw the ads on your video. While you don’t get paid at all if no one likes your video.

We will advertise your tour packages free for you and you may check the list of our top tour packages here for your reference :

If you put enough pictures/video and details similar to those tour packages we’ll guarantee to bring as much web traffic as possible for you to your page. Please read this blog if you’d like to know more hints on how to get more impression on your tour packages

Happy Travel Planning !

freelance travel writing jobs

Travpart – Travel Jobs

Travel Jobs Inspiration from Travpart

Travpart created Travcust which was initially for any one to earn a travel agent jobs as you work from home travel agent. The tool assist you to simply creates a tour package as the system promotes your tours.

1. Update Your Profile Data like you earn your self a travel agent jobs.
We found tremendous amounts of potential buyers will click your profile page. Therefore, we encourage you to always maintain your profile page as professional and be trustworthy as possible. Such as that, to upload pictures in your profile page and fill up your bio page professionally as you possessed your self a travel agent jobs.

Travel Agent Jobs Profile Page

2. Travel Jobs is to create Itineraries
As your running your self travel jobs in travpart, many of you already did very well, moreover; you’ll always need more pictures/videos and details such as inclusion/exclusion. You should recognize your itinerary’s competitive advantage considering other travel websites. Usually a product and service wins out if they’re cheaper, faster/easier, and better. 

Travel Agent Jobs Creating Itinerary

Most potential outbound traveler (70% or more) tend to compare prices with other travel websites. If you happened to meet cheap demanding traveler, as a local travel planner, you are the best person to customize their journey. You are suggested to create tours based on your local living region by using the add manual section in  Travcust. Whereas you would know better about the local destination than your potential buyers. It’s a big reason why they should use pay your tours as your running your self travel consultant jobs.

Faster & Easier
In this case we provided you tools such as travcust for you to be able to customize your tours faster & easier once you received a customer’s request. 

Better in doing travel consultant jobs.
Potential travelers are your customers. Not always will they seeks for cheaper journey, but hence they are also willing to pay more for a better designed and impressive journey than other travel website offers. If they finds you frequently well in creating fascinating (not boring) journeys, they will frequently comes back to you and follows your online travel page. You can simply conducts your own market research, in google, for the “top demanding travel trend” to find the most updated travel trend type, you can also to always speaks to your customers for what they want in travchat while maintaining your self as your running a travel consultant jobs; hence statistically you can filter out what most of their travel demand type are. 

Moreover, if you still can’t find the desired travel items you needed in travcust, we always recommend you to use the add your travel items manually. It is one of diversifying strategy for you be able to provide different offers through out the global tourism market. We found most repetitive traveler willing to comes to a same destination but they ought to try different things, it can be as far as cooking class, hanging out with the locals, etc. 

After-all, who knows better about the local destination beside the local them self ?  

3. Travel Consultant Jobs Requires Engagement
Travpart is the only existing travel market place in the world which encourages you to make your tour page to be as engaging as possible while running as a travel consultant jobs professional. The goal is to differentiate your offers than other travel website thus you will gain more page viewers. For your page to be engaging, our advise are to write travel tips, local experience, fascinating events through videos, and relevant news to your designated tour destination which comprised awe emotion. The more your potential buyers perceives you as technically professional, the more trust and engaging your tour page will be and thus the more our web’s algorithm brings you more traffic. 

Travel Agent Jobs Engagement

4. Device on Travcust 
It is always, recommended for beginners, especially first timer, to use PC/Desktop while you are creating tour packages. Once travcust is a piece of cake in your mind, then you may try using mobile device for travcust. But it is always recommended to use PC/Desktop hence you will need to type down your itinerary as detailed as possible. We recommends Mobile view is only for chatting among users.

Travel Consultant Jobs Device

5. Recent updates on Travcust
Please to always notify to [email protected] if you found any bugs. We always highly value your feedback to ease your work. 

We’ve recently updated and perfected our travcust tool, especially from Bugs and made some major improvement. You may check these updated section in travcust
a. Cars
b. Recommended Place 
c. Dining Section
d. Manual Section pictures

If you ought to know more about how travpart business works, click tutorial on the header of this web page or contact [email protected]

Creates a tour package in travcust now !


Rina: Simple Work at Home Job As An Online Travel Agent

Rina: Simple Work at Home Job As An Online Travel Agent

When you fall down, get up and do it again. Are you familiar with that motivational sentence?

Because that sentence is the one that will be suitable for this story.

This is a story about Rina, a woman that worked in a travel agent. She was introduced to this travel agent by one of her friend five years ago. She started work there as the creative designer of the content of the travel agent.

Dealing With Boss

On the second year of her career, she felt pressured because there was a lot of work and her income is not stable. But because she needed the money she has to stayed so she could have an income.

As a designer, she has a lot of idea and innovation yet her leader didn’t want to hear her idea and limit her talent. She did exactly what the leader of the travel agent wants. How the design will look like, how the word in the design will look like, etc. she did exactly like what she was told but when the design is not good enough and people didn’t like it, she always became the first one to blame. She has to take full responsibility for the design and the blame.

One day her design was really good that people like it, and it attracted a lot of people. Rina was hoping for a higher income and a higher position but instead, she got none of it. The leader takes Rina’s work and said that it belonged to the travel agent. Rina didn’t get any credit of her work, instead she was played by her own travel agent.

The leader said that it was not Rina’s work. It belonged to the leader, so the leader of the travel agent got the credit of something that did not belong to him. In the end, Rina got fired because of the leader afraid that Rina can make his name in danger.

First Cash As An Online Travel Agent

She was jobless for about 1 year until her brother introduced her to find a job online until finally, she found an interesting opportunity to start a simple work at home job as an Online Travel Agent at Travpart. Rina was still doubting about this kind of online job, so she refused to try to work in a travel agent. But her brother insisted that she needed to review it first. She needed to gave it a try.

She tried to found a review about Travpart and what is an Online Travel Agent’s role. She found so many good reviews. She decided to give it a shot. She applied to Travpart from the website as an online Travel Agent and learned all of the instructions given on the website. And less in a day, she could make her first itinerary cost $350.

The result? Less than a month, she could earn more than $200 from selling 3 itineraries at Travpart website. This is more than she can imagined. she never thought that it will be this simple.

After that moment, her life is totally changing. She got a higher income compared to her previous job in a previous company. She can manage the time effectively because her online job has nearly become a passive income for her. Now, she could spend some of her time with her family and traveling.

Everyone always has their bad part of life but the key is how you get back to your feet again. Rina already proves it by joining Travpart. What are you waiting for? Join Travpart Online Travel Agent, now!

By Arief Fatkhurozi

Work at Home Job As An Online Travel Agent