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People becomes more and more reliance on a travel Search engine to find the right vacation package for them to travel the world. But sometimes you just can’t find the right tour package; thus, you decided to go and find another website to compare for the a vacation package that offers the best itinerary and price.

Today, you no longer have to do that and waste your time. Because you can even ask any travel agents to list and/or create their vacation package in this website so that you could find their listing through the search engine at our website for any travel destination in the world.

places to visit

The Best World’s Travel Places

Here are a list of places and the best places to visit and we picked the best vacation spots, especially suitable for family and your summer vacation.

Summer Vacation
Summer Vacation

Mauritius is the most suitable place for your family summer vacation because it is a beautiful small quiet island just at the eastern part of Africa. It is known for it’s beaches, lagoons and reefs. What’s more interesting is that you can take a rain-forest tour within the island.

Family Vacation
Family Vacation

Bali, Indonesia is one of the best places to visit in the world especially for your family because of the warm people and culture that makes it to be one of the most hospitable and safe island to be in the world. In fact, these days more and more foreigners even decided to stay in the island after their pension so that they can die rest in peace there.

Places to Visit

Teton County, Wyoming is a tundra forest in west coast of United States America. It is famous for it’s yellow stone park, where the local usually hire tents and van for camping by the river and lake during their summer vacation. It’s famous for it’s bear attacks, so it’s best to prepare your trip with some local travel advisors.

Most Beautiful Places in the World

Most people are already aware of Venice and Florence. So we’d recommends you something different, Amalfi Coast, Italy which resides at the southern edge of Italy, Campania region. It is famous for it’s sheer cliffs view, and shore line road which most tours will take you to.

Best Vacation Spots

Hoi An, Vietnam is very well known for it’s preserved  ancient town. It is city architecture is worth to see known for it’s and the historical buildings designed was mixed between the wooden Chinese houses and French colonial building.

Travel Agents Near You

As of today, you no longer needs to go down the road from your house just to find your nearest travel agents. Because now you can just simply look in travpart and browse through to find the nearest travel agents for you.

Travel Agents Near You
Travel Agents Near You

Beside that, you can find any of these travel advisors to becomes your daily road trip planner as they can set up your daily travel schedule, especially if you frequently commute from one city/country to another.


You can just simply click the contact us button at the top header, then at that page, you click the “journey inquiries” button to send a message to the relevant travel agent near you. If you are not familiar with any of them, not to worry, because you can choose the “I don’t know any travel advisor yet”, thus; one of them with the most expertise with your travel destination will responds to your travel request.

Above all, What’s more interesting is that, you can ask a travel agent in our website to create those vacation destination for you even with your most desired price !.

Travpart offers a limited discount offer for anyone that contacted those travel agents nearby. If you want to find out more about the discount, you can visit this page now !.

cheap vacations

Cheap Vacations

Cheap Hotels Near You

If you are planning to stay in another city or another country on a tight budget hotel and/or at a cheap motels for vacations, then we recommends you to book a tour package. The true fact is, with a tour package, a travel agency will be able to negotiate with the hotel to gain a cheaper deal, than if a customer make the reservation with the hotel directly. Unfortunately, most travel agency will take your reservation only if you book a tour package with them.

Furthermore, if you are currently residing in an area or a country that your not familiar with, thus; it is going to be always be in your best interest to find your-self a travel advisor whom can also take your hotel’s reservation along with some other travel advice.

Please check out these cheap vacation packages made by our travel advisor below :

Cheap Travel Destinations

Today with our technology improvement, you can quickly customize your journey to cheap international destinations. We looked at airlines and hotel cost as well as activities that we self experienced to come up for these list of our recommended best and cheap vacation destinations :


Stay away from the main road in china such as Pudong street, Shanghai if you want to buy anything for cheap. But rest assure, almost 90% other part in China is as cheap as $2 for a meal, moreover to visit great wall include the ground transport only cost as low as $40!


If you are a backpacker seeking for nature, we recommends you to visit Banff and Vancouver Island. It has the most astonishing panoramic view throughout the continent. But if you’re looking for Cosmopolitan cities, then your no doubt to go for Toronto or Montreal. Take a bus, for travel from Halifax to Victoria because you can get the price only for $500.


Spain is the best and cheap vacation destination in Europe. Famous for it’s city’s architecture, football team, music, people’s warm hospitality, and food. Take the three hour ride boat from Madrid to Menorca includes beverage, meals, and English tabloid newspaper for less then 100 euros !.

Cheap Tropical Vacations

If you want to go for a cheap island vacations, here are the list :


Thailand is a city of gold because many of their Buddhist temples are made of real gold !. But don’t be deceived by the beauty, because everywhere on the street you can find cheap foods and souvenirs as well as cheap accommodation. For a decent clean and really good quality accommodation will cost lower than $20, moreover; the street food are clean and very cheap which on average will cost less than $2/meal.


Nicaragua is cheap, safe, and small as well as famous for it’s cities like Leon, the volcanoes throughout the country, and tidal wave. Despite it’s beauty beach, it’s also a very good place to surf because the big wave are blown by the Atlantic and pacific ocean. Don’t forget to check out the San Juan river also. The average travel pricing in Nicaragua is less than $30 and the daily meals budget is less than $9.


Bali is most famous for it’s unique culture and tradition that they even have their house being preserved for centuries. We recommends you not to go to Ubud because that is the most unique town in the world. Where you can also find a very good accommodation for as low as $8 includes breakfast with a traditional culture atmosphere. Moreover, even most the temples for tourist attraction are free to enter !.

If you still wants to lower down your travel budget despite all these cheap destination for vacation we’ve recomended, Check out this page !.

cheap vacations
Cheap Vacations

You can win vouchers in our platform to reduce all your travel expenses. All you got to do is just register as a buyer then visit your profile page to play the game !

best cheap vacations
Best Cheap Vacations
Cheap Vacations
Cheap Vacations

european vacation


European Destinations

Here are the top European Destination that we recommends for your next Europe travel plans :

Vatican, Rome

Rome is famous for it’s renaissance architecture, historical museum, and art. The most tourist demanding activity is the free walk tour in Rome because you can visit the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, Largo di Torre Argentina, and the Trevi Fountain at one time.

Paris the City of Romance

Paris is famous of its historical Eiffel tower landmark, but there are some certain places and attraction recommended to go to in Paris as well such as the Louvre, Moulin Rouge, Versailles, A

rc de Triomphe whereas each spots has a very interesting history as well as astonishing views.


Madrid is most famost for it’s Puerta del Sol, beside that here the best things to see in Madrid such as the Prado, Retiro Park, Royal Palace, National Archaeological Museum, and especially the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium where the best and most famous iconic soccer club in the world train and plays, “Real Madrid” !.

Cheap Holidays to Turkey
Cheap Holidays to Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most catastrophic and iconic city throughout history which is famous for it’s Hagia Sophia. But don’t be surprise of the expensive travel budget you will throw if you don’t seek for a professional travel advisor. But we recommends you to checkout through out the country all the way to Cappadocia where the most unique natural rocky accommodation that you can only find in the planet. But don’t forget to fly and hover in the skies with the hot air ballon.

Buckingham Palace

London is the one place that you should definitely put in your Europe trip plans. Because there are just so much to see and so much to do in the city. Such as; Hyde Park, Camden Lock, London Eye, Thames Cruise, Royal guard, and especially on most top of that is the Buckingham Palace !.

European Trip Planners

Travpart connects travelers with Local European Trip Planners, whereas; you can ask a local European Trip Planners to route a Europe plan trip for you.

route planner europe
Route Planner Europe

Our European Trip Planners can identify you the best road trip plan in Europe to get to your best destination in the most cost-efficient travel for your European vacation. Because our European Trip Planners are well equipped with a powerful mapping technology and application as they can point out all the high point of interest location in Europe and gives you the best quote quickly !.

After-all, who knows the local destination beside the locals them self ?

Europe road trip planner
Europe Road Trip Planner

You can sit back and relax, while we take care everything about your travel inclusion such as ticketing, reservation, flights, events and more.

Roxane the Travel Advisor

Things to do in Florence

Things to do in Florence (Italy)

Are you trying to figure out what to do and see in Florence for your next trip ?

If your planning to visit Florence – Italy, don’t forget to see the attractions in Florence, Italy which we’ve suggested and also make sure you include our recommended things to do and see in Florence below :

Florence Museum

The Uffizi

The uffizi is the foremost famous museum within the echelon of museums that own a da vinci. The most recognized is on of about six teen paintings which is world’s most famoustartist of all time. Tickets: €2–20

 Florence Attractions
Palazzo Vecchio

The Palazzo Vecchio is the town hall of Florence, Italy. It represent the Piazza della Signoria, which stores a copy of statue made by Michelangelo’s David , and consist of statues gallery near Loggia dei Lanzi. Tickets: €24.32

Palazzo Pitti

The Palazzo Pitti Palace, is a Renaissance palace in Florence, Italy. It is located on the south by the River Arno, very near from the Ponte Vecchio. Tickets: €16.00

Florence Attractions

Things to do in Florence (Italy)
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

In memory of Santa Maria del Fiore, The cathedral was built at the 13th century by Arnolfo di Cambio .

Leather shops and markets

Italy is famous for its original man made leather wearings such as shoes, wallet, and more.

Things to See in Florence

Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazzale Michelangelo is inside a square on a panoramic view of Florence, Italy. It is is on a hill south of the Arno River.

 Things to See in Florence

From Fiesole hills, you can see a stunning and beauty view of Florence .

cheap holidays to turkey

Cheap Holidays to Turkey

If you have a plan to travel to Turkey, We would recommends you to put Istanbul to Cappadocia in your travel itinerary. Because along the way, you will see everything you will need to see in Turkey. Here are the list of the things you would see along the way from Istanbul to Cappadocia :

Beverages and Meals

turkey packages
Turkish Delights

We wouldn’t recommend you to go inside the tourist crowded dining because it’s price is higher than the ones that has lesser tourist even though it’s only a 5 minute walk away. Don’t be deceived by their free offers such as free pick up since the food and drink offers inside the dining is marked up to cover up those free promotion.


Turkey is among one of the country that offers their gasoline to be the most expensive in the world due to oil trade embargo. If you ever wanted to rent a vehicle, we advice you to find a diesel fueled ones.

However, we strongly encourage you to take the local national bus transportation, especially if your traveling from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Because the price of taking such a ride is deemed to be cost-efficient, but don’t worry about it’s comfort, because their public transportation is highly convenient even for the ones that interconnect different cities.

Accommodation & Lodging

Cappadocia Hotels

This is what’s a inside a cave hotel in Cappadocia. After seeing from outside, you will be surprise with the inside spectacular looks !.

Turkey currency rate is on the rise, the cost of travelling to Turkey is almost as expensive as traveling to Europe. However, we advice you to travel during April, May or October as they usually offers hotel’s discount during those dates.

Just like any other most countries, walk in lobby rate is more expensive than the ones you would found in online travel agent’s search engine. So if your planning to stay over a month, we advice you to consult with a professional travel advisor (we suggest the local ones) on how to self catering an apartment.

Every region in Turkey has it own subset standard local price, such as the ones in south east Turkey is more expensive than the ones that of in other regions nevertheless it has similar quality of convenient. We advice you to go further east as near as Mediterranean coasts and Istanbul to find a cheaper rate as it also has more touristic recommended places to check out.

Istanbul to Cappadocia

Istanbul to Cappadocia

When travelling to Turkey, we recommend you to put Istanbul to Cappadocia and end it somewhere in Alanya or Antalya into your itinerary Turkey travel plan because it is the most cost – efficient and convenient despite it’s high demand. In Cappoadocia, there are a bunch of hotels that you can sleep in as low as 20 euros.

Cappadocia is indeed to have one of the most unique natural scenic in the planet with the delicious Turkish delight and soaked and the hot flying air balloon that you could ride on. Unfortunately, one week in Cappadocia is not enough, it’s why you are strongly advice to have a professional travel advisor expert in the area to arrange the trip for you.

You can take a bus, plane, or a car but we strongly suggest you to take the flight as it’s the most cost-efficient alternative. Flying with a flight can be as low as 12 euros !. The flights could start from either Istanbul Atatürk Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport, but we recommend take the flight from Istanbul Atatürk to Nevşehir Airport because it’s closer to the city centre.

Don’t worry for not finding any flights, because there are a lot of flights in this way. Last time we’ve checked there were more than 10 airlines.

Turkey Holiday Packages

Turkey Holiday Packages
Turkey Holiday Packages

If you are planning to go to Turkey for only a few days to relief from stress daily work habit, you are encouraged to find a Holiday Packages in Turkey, especially including itinerary from Istanbul to Cappadocia. The bus tour from Istanbul to Cappadocia is most recomended, because along the stops you may find delicious cuisine, turkish delights, and the beauty scenic few of traditional Turkish culture. Last but not least, ensure to find the package with cave accommodation and ride the hot air ballon, because you won’t find it any where else !.