Travel the World for Free

Travel the World for Free

The unaffordable travel expenditure has been the most common problem among travelers. Travpart has found the solution to get rid of your travel cost in exchange with travelling with your followers/subscribers. If you’re an Influencer/Vlogger/blogger whom has a lot of fans/viewers, you have the ability to solve your travel cost problem.

Here’s how to travel the world for free:

1. Register as a service provider in Travpart.

2. After you’ve activated your account, login to Travcust page.

3. Insert all your follower’s travel expenditures, such as hotel, convertible, dining, etc.

4. Insert your influencer’s fee (which shall includes all your travel expenditures at this point),

5. Write down the run down of your trip’s itinerary and publish.

6. Share, endorse and sell your tour package page in your Instagram’s page.

Last but not least, you must travel with your followers !
Because they really want to meet you!
See you there !

The Social Network

The Social Network

There are tons of social network all over the internet with Facebook and Instagram as the most famous ones where eventually they made a movie out of its foundation story. However, Travpart is one of the most unique social network in the world, since it integrates few different services, such as, online matchmaking, connecting you with travel friends, and eventually helping you earning money.

Here are the things surprisingly you can do and take benefits from social networks :

1. Online Matchmaking

Internet users literally were able to find new friends or even dates in a social network app. In fact, there are tons of free dating service app in the world such as Tinder and Bumble are few of those who made it to be the top of the list. There was not few people who actually end up in marriage through dating apps.

However unlike Travpart, dating app does not really empowers its users to get additional benefits such as watching and sharing videos, getting followers, and more. But here in Travpart you would still be able to find your soulmates and even make plans so that your potential date can meet you up.

2. Travel Friends

There are thousands travel app connecting you with travel friends, where eventually the traveler were able to travel with new friends through open trips. But here in Travpart, you can chat, find new friends and eventually buys a tour package with friends.

3. Earning Money

There are many people who can make money easy by taking benefit from a social media platform. Recent trends shows people massively intend to get followers in a social network or a market place such as Amazon to sell their products and deliver it to your house within days. However, it may not be as easy as you would by just creating a tour package in Travpart’s travcust tool since you may no need additional capital as you would in any other social networks or market places.

British Airline Becomes the First Ever Airline to Initiate steps Against Climate Change

The owner of British Airways IAG has told the press that British Airways will become the first carbon free airline by the year 2050. Which means that the airplanes will emit any sort of carbon, making earth a pollution free environment.

As the activists of climate change are pressuring the people in power to take initiatives against climate change, British Airlines have finally taken a huge step and became the very first one to do so.

Although it is a big commitment to make but IAG himself made sure that they are taking all possible steps to make our planet an eco-friendly place to live, where everyone could live a healthy and peaceful life.

IAG also said that for initial steps they will start the “Zero Carbon Emissionproject for domestic flights by the next year, 2020. He further told the media that they would invest in sustainable aviation fuel and replace the older airplanes with more efficient newly launched jets.

While most of the airlines uses cheap fuels and old jets to produce relatively bigger revenue, British Airlines have finally realized its time that they think more of the world than personal gains. In that regards, IAN told the media that they are trying their best to achieve Britain’s goal of achieving a carbon free economy by 2050 and UN’s goal of reducing global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Although aviation only adds to approximately 2% to the global warming each year but we believe that this could be a great and important step for the expulsion of climate change. These billion dollars company might not making as much money as they were but they will become a great example for those doing absolutely nothing against it and also adding to climate change in an adverse manner.

Neil Walsh in an interview said that these initial steps could result in achieving their goals even in a shorter period of time. He added that the Government would have to support these companies by increasing incentives for investment in technology. In this way more companies, other the British Airlines would take further steps to eliminate carbon from their systems.  

He further added that these initial steps could help UN to achieve its goal of increasing world’s temperature to 1.5 degrees, in a shorter period of time.

This October Get Yourself a Return Ticket of Hawaii Under $300

If you are wondering to go on a warm vocation to relax yourself, then stop dreaming because flight to Hawaii are now cheaper than they have ever been. And most importantly, it isn’t just a way one ticket, it’s a return ticket. With less than $300 you can visit one of the most exotic state of US.

United Airline, Delta, and Hawaiian are providing their own cheap deals with restrictions and payments so make sure you check all of them to get the best deal out of them all.

Don’t get too excited yet, because there are other deals going on as well like the return ticket for Kona and Honolulu under $350. But this offer is for those residing in Los Angeles.  

Whereas, if you are living in Newyork, the flight to Kona and Maui could cost you between $450 to $500.


There is even better news for people living in Seattle. The flight to Kona, Maui, and Honolulu could cost them less than $300.

Even those living in Washington DC has got a fair amount of deal. They can now travel to Kona in for $481 and to Maui for $465. You can always Google the deals and compare them. Then whatever package you like the most, purchase it and spend these winter holidays in the warm island of Hawaii.

Almost all the Airlines are giving tickets on such a low price. It’s like they are in a race in which whoever comes last, wins. Do check out Alaska Airline, Virgin America, Hawaiian Airline, and United for better cheaper tickets to Hawaii.

Looks like Hawaii will be jam packed this winter. People from all over United States will be filling into spaces of each restaurant, hotel and beaches of Hawaii.

Stay tuned with us because even a bigger sale is expected on the tickets to Hawaii.

But while you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, do remember that the economy and business tickets of every airline differ from one another.

Two big competitor for flights to Hawaii are Hawaiian Airline And United Airline. Now you must be thinking Hawaiian Airline should be the one with more passengers but that’s not the case here. United Airlines beats Hawaiian Airlines in all of its aspects. That’s mainly because United Airline provides better economy tickets offering than Hawaiian Airline.

Even in the recent Hawaiian Fliht’s sale, United Airline is giving travelers of economy tickets to bring carry-on-bags with them, which they mostly forbids.

In addition to United Airline, Hawaiian Airline faces new competition, that is, South West Airlines, which has launched flights from California to Hawaii with additional flights launching in January.

South West Airlines have come up with the new idea of providing extremely cheap tickets to its passengers with as low as $50 from California to Hawaii. This is the one way ticket.

Even in this sale, Southwest Airline is the one with the cheapest ticket.

The Busiest Tourist Spot in Pakistan

Pakistan is filled with mesmerizing destination but prettiest of all is Naran Kagan. This has also become one of the busiest tourist

spot over of the years.

It is located at an altitude of 8202 feet, 119 km away from Mansera city.

Naran is the the base station to many enchanting places like Babusar Top, Sharan, Siripaye, Faisal-ul-malook lake, and Lulusar lake.

When to Visit Naran Valley, Pakistan

 Summers are pleasantly warn and typically the best time to visit Naran Kaghan Valley. The weather in these months varies from 3 degree Celsius to somewhat 15 degree Celsius. The snow melts off and roads become clear.

You could also visit Naran valley in winters if you love to watch snowfall but it is not recommended because of heavy land sliding throughout the season. Although cherry blossom is the best season to watch snow capped mountains in Naran Valley.

Tourist destinations and places to visit in Naran Kaghan

On your way to this mind-blowing valley, you don’t want to miss a few places. The very first one in our list is,

Lulusar Lake

This should be your first destination stop while heading towards Naran Valley. This calm and tranquilizing lake is surrounded by snow capped mountains, which makes it a famous tourist’s spot.

It is much bigger than other lakes near the valley. Summers is the best time to visit Lulusar lake, when the water reflects its surrounding and the roads are clear.

You can also have the pleasure of boating and jet-skiing in this extremely mind-captivating lake. Moreover, the local food, like pakora, or samosa become even more tastier at a place like this.  

Saiful Malook Lake

This lake lies at a few kilometers away from Naran valley. The road to Saiful Malook is bumpy. We suggest you to take an off-roading car or hire a local jeep from Naran valley.

Saiful Malook is the highest alpine lake of Pakistan at a height of 10,576 ft above the sea level. Frozen during winters, while crystal clear during summers, the lake is a divine bliss for its visitors.

This place offers everything, from boating and fishing to hiking and horse riding. That’s why it is the perfect tourist spot for all sorts of tourists.

Siri Paye

The famous Siri Paye is one of the most relaxing and sight-seeing spot in Naran Valley. The 10,000 ft high mountain with a breath-taking sight beats every other mountain present around its surrounding.

It’s a long hike to reach the top of the mountain but once you are there, you won’t regret it, I assure you that.

The road to Siri Paye is quite similar to that of Saiful Malook. The bumpy road makes it difficult to hold on to your seats, especially when you’re travelling in a local jeep.  


The 160 kilometer long valley is famous for its pine forests, alpine meadows, crystal clear lakes and cool mountain streams. 

If you love fishing, then i suggest you to bring your fishing gears with you. The lakes of Kaghan valley are filled with brown trout.

Kaghan valley is by far the most beautiful place in the North of Pakistan. It becomes the favourite tourist’s spot during summers. It is more recommended for people who are scared of height or get irritated by bumpy roads.

Dudipatsar Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes all over the world. Surrounded by snow capped mountains and lush green fields, this lake is a heaven on earth.

The lake is located in the north of Kaghan valley at the height of 3800 m above the ground level. It takes maximum 4 hours to reach the top but it is not accessible through cars or jeeps. Visitors either have to trek all the way or ride on local horses.

 Final Verdict

It is a-must-visit place for all the tourists, photographers, and nature admirers. No matter how many times you visit this place, you still manages to find something new on the next tour.

Once you’re done visiting all the tourist’s spots, I recommend you to taste its trout fish. It will be the best trout fish you ever had.